Matina & Manolis’ wedding photo album

Palaios Panteleimonas, a traditional village nestled in the picturesque mountains of Pieria, Greece, provided the perfect backdrop for the beautiful wedding celebration of Matina and

Manolis. The stunning views of the surrounding countryside, quaint cobblestone streets, and charming stone houses added to the romantic ambiance of the day. The couple exchanged

their vows in the village's historic church, adorned with intricate frescoes and beautiful stained-glass windows. The wedding reception was held in the locally famous taverna

“Agnanti”, where guests enjoyed delicious traditional Greek cuisine, lively music, and a stunning view of the mountain Olympus. The breathtaking scenery and rich cultural heritage

of Palaios Panteleimonas made for an unforgettable wedding experience, captured perfectly through my lens. Such a great album!

Wedding in Palaios Panteleimonas