The wedding of Theofano & Yiannis

The wedding of Theofano and Yiannis at Saint George Chapel in Krini, Thessaloniki was a photographer's dream come true. The stunning architecture of the chapel next to the sea provided a picturesque backdrop for the couple's intimate and romantic ceremony. The natural light during the evening made for gorgeous photos, highlighting the intricate details of the bride's elegant gown and the groom's dapper suit. As a photographer, it was a

pleasure to capture the loving glances and heartfelt moments shared between the couple,'their family, and friends. The reception that followed at Allea completed this perfect day with a glorious party.


Reception & Party: Allea

Event planning: Sunshine Trailer Events

Mobile bar: Sunshine Trailer

Lemonade & tea: @capobarservices

Flowers: @botanicos_flowershop