The wedding of Aspasia & Alexandros

With the sun-kissed city of Thessaloniki as their backdrop, Aspasia and Alexandros exchanged their heartfelt vows at the Agios Vasileios Chapel. The beauty of the chapel mirrored the enduring love they shared, and as they sealed their commitment with a kiss, their joy radiated through the whole space.

The night came alive as the newlyweds and their loved ones gathered at the Thessaloniki Music Hall. From heartfelt toasts to lively celebrations, Allegro became a stage where their love story was celebrated with unparalleled grandeur.

I had the privilege to capture the magic of their day through my lens. May Aspasia and Alexandros' journey be filled with a lifetime of love, joy, and beautiful moments together. Here's to a love that will last forever. Cheers!



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